5 ways you can get to know yourself

How well do you know yourself? That may be a simple question to answer but let's be honest here. Do you really understand who you are? Stop for a moment and ask yourself why do you think the way you do. Why do you act the way you do? We like to think we have... Continue Reading →


Don’t Worry….Be Happy!

Hi folks!Can you all remember the Bobby McFerrin song that was such a huge hit in the 1980s? It was so catchy and it was all about not worrying and being happy!How much time do we spend worrying about was has been? We can't change the past. How much time do we worry about the... Continue Reading →

Put the “Negative Nellies” out to Pasture!

Hey guys and gals!Have you ever had someone around you who is constantly moaning about something. No matter what, they are always finding something to whine about. You probably live with these kinds of people, you might work with them. Dare I say it? You might be one! They complain about the smallest thing. They... Continue Reading →



Hi folks!Today is time for something practical! Are you excited? I bet you are!!!Admit it. You have had a day when everything seems to be going wrong! You feel all stressed, your body is tense. You just want to relax. Here is an exercise that you can do that will help remove the tension and... Continue Reading →


Your Emotional Compass

Hey everyone!One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from a counsellor a couple of years ago. He said "Do not allow anyone else's emotional compass determine your direction!"I used to allow people who were heading down (south) to bring me down with them. I would be feeling "on top of the... Continue Reading →


Open the Door!

Hey everyone!They say "Opportunity knocks", but sometimes we think it always knocks on other people's doors and not ours. We look out the window, like an anxious parent waiting for their child to get home, vigilantly looking for opportunity to knock.But sometimes we have to go looking for it! That might not seem fair, but... Continue Reading →


Don’t Let your Bubble Pop!

Hey folks!Have you ever experience the following?: You are happy, having fun, nothing bothers you then...WHAMO!..somebody says something or does something and then your mood changes for the worse!What just happened? Your bubble just got popped!! We can be coasting along in our own happy world, oblivious to all around us, but then something touches... Continue Reading →


Are You in Your Zone? Well Get Out of It!!

Hey there guys and gals!I bet you are thinking. There is nothing wrong with being in my "zone". But the zone I am talking about is the good ol' "Comfort Zone". We love to park up in THAT zone. There is no demands, no pressure, everything is sweet, it's a comfortable spot.But look at where... Continue Reading →


Mine’s Bigger than Yours!!

Hi folks!Have you ever heard children boast "Mine's bigger than yours!". They might have a bigger ice cream, bigger part of the biscuit you broke in half, or a balloon that might have slightly more air in it! To them it's a triumph. The child feels special, like they have become a new favourite child.When... Continue Reading →


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